May 4, 2017

   We are closing in on our 2nd annual road race in just 2 days.  This has been an amazing roller coaster of a ride.  We started out last year as a way to honor Emily on the year anniversary of her death due to sepsis.  We were just trying to plan something so Mother's Day would not be the worse day ever.  Now here we are in our 2nd year and we are actively a part of the National Family COuncil for the Rory Staunton Foundation.  We have been knocking on doors to make a difference.  Here we will keep everyone up on our doings.  We can't wait to see what race day is like on May 7, 2017.

May 13, 2017

    Well our second race is in the books.  The race was a bug success.  Mr. Staunton was our special guest this year.  It is a crapy reason why our family and the Staunton family have become connected, however if we have to be in the situation we are in we wouldn't want to be connected to anyone else.  We had about 85 participants this year and we are still tallying the totals to see how much our donation will be this year.  We were very lucky with our sponsors, our donators,  and all our participants that came out.  We had some awesome raffle items.  The lucky winner of the 4 Patriot tickets was Kaitlyn May (her brother Keith won the Bruins hockey stick last year).   

  We would like to thank the Centralville Sportsmen's Club of Dracut in hosting our race for the second year in a row.  The guys and girls in orange help keep our participants safe on the road.   They are out there to cheer on each person.  They are helping us spread the awareness of sepsis.  

   We would like to thank Jarec Rondeau for being the photographer again this year and capturing some awesome pictures that can be found here on our page.  

  Another thank you needs to go out to DefendU Safety for providing our bottle water at the finish line.  Check their website out for some great gear for staying safe when out running or walk (there are other safety items even if you are not a walker or runner).